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KAMI is a street-based combat, hand-to-hand self-defense method that has been refined and practiced throughout the history of Krav Maga. Our method is designed to develop physique and collective techniques that prepare you in case of violence, danger and life-threatening situations. Whether it may be a physical assault, a knife attack, a gunpoint, or any other aggressive action, you’ll be able to build confidence and alertness for taking control of the threat in the safest way possible.

Now recognized and adopted by the Israeli Army (IDF), Ministry of Education, Police Force and other organizations in Israel and around the world, KAMI is the largest Krav Maga based association to-date.

Our goal is…

to have every person, whether an adult or child, effectively protect themselves against the dangers and potential threats on the street.

Our students…

come training with us from all across the GTA including, Toronto, North York, Thornhill, Markham, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Newmarket, Mississauga & more. Thus, we are always happy to discover new students who would like to share our mutual goals.

best trainer for Krav Maga! been training with him ever since i moved to Canada (4 years), very professional and nice person, his privet lessons are amazing! will recommend to any one that interested in learning self defense!
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Alex Kastin
19:02 11 Nov 20
The place is very clean, instructor Sergey is very nice and attentive to his students, classes are fun and challenging! I have brought a lot of my friends along with me already! highly recommend!
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Sofia Blumin
19:01 04 Dec 19
I really love it. I go twice a weeek and after every course I feel soo good. We do proper warm up, stretching, work out followed by new technique of self defence and practice. The trainer always explains how to do it properly. We have lot of fun and sweat! 🙂
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Petr Meloun
04:41 05 Mar 18
Great school. Great location. Great instructor. Great team to train with. I go with my 14 year old son and it’s always a great workout. The techniques are realistic and effective. Fun and interesting. Highly recommended.
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Fabien M
02:50 23 Feb 18
Sergey is a wonderful instructor! Patient, mild mannered, thorough and positive. The system is serious and you immediately know it’s a structured as well. Sergey always makes you feel extremely comfortable regardless of your background or level. The classes have an amazing balance of cardio training, Krav Magen training and instruction. Every class is different. You will work with striking pads, simulated knife attacks and general self defense techniques. I was personally very pleasantly surprised to have an instructor who was so positive and skilled throughout the class.I had almost no experience in martial arts and now, after attending claasss twice a week for over a month, I feel very confident and excited to learn more each class.You MUST check this place out, it’s the real deal!!!!
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Ely Anbar
04:25 02 Feb 18
KAMI Is One of the Best Places to Learn real authentic Krav Maga techniques. It gave me lots of Confidence in myself and now I feel that can protect myself in any situation. I must say that my trainer, Sergey was very professional, kind and Charismatic. The classes were satisfying every time without exception. I really recommend to everyone!
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Michael Hainson
15:56 17 Jul 17
KAMI takes self defense and fitness to a whole new level. Trainer Sergey Baskin offers vast knowledge to every training session. This is the best Krav Maga system in Toronto. Totally recommending anyone interested to tryout and see for themselves.
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Eugene Leiderman
23:53 25 May 17

Convenient Location for in Class Training

Thornhill, ON

57 Glen Cameron Road, Thornhill, ON L3T 1P3

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Training Groups and Schedule

  • AGES: 16+
  • LOCATION: 57 Glen Cameron Road, Thornhill, ON
Mondays Thursdays
8:00PM – 9:00PM 8:00PM – 9:00PM
  • AGES: 6-15
  • LOCATION: 57 Glen Cameron Road, Thornhill, ON
7:00PM – 8:00PM

We provide one on one (In-Home) training

For more information please call: 416-562-0670 or fill this contact form to get more details about private training lessons.