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Krav Maga for Kids

Indoor KAMI Training

Enrolling your children into martial arts programs seems like a good idea, right? It certainly is, as martial arts teach children valuable lessons and self-defence. Both of which are notably worthy assets for children. Before you send your child off to their first class, it’s essential to understand the type of martial art they will be learning and what it stands for. One of the more popular and worthwhile types of martial arts for kids includes Krav Maga for kids. So what is Krav Maga and what lessons does it teach your child? Throughout this article, we’ll discuss the meaning behind Krav Maga for kids and how it positively impacts children.

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The Development of K.A.M.I. Abroad: A Worldwide Phenomenon

Students of KAMI IDF in Israel

K.A.M.I. stands for the Israeli Krav-Magen Association, and is a system of martial arts which teaches students self-defence through natural body movements. As this form of martial arts relies on only natural body capabilities, it is practiced by people of all ages, genders and physical capabilities. K.A.M.I. is based on fast strikes, flexibility and exploitation of the body’s natural weaknesses to provide students with self-defence capabilities instead of offensive ones. As a result of its inclusivity, K.A.M.I. has become one of the most popular forms of martial arts around the world and is spreading quickly throughout. Continue reading

K.A.M.I: Annual Instructors Course in Israel

Krav Maga Instructors Course

For lovers of K.A.M.I. and all martial arts alike, the 3-week long annual instructor’s course in Israel is an opportunity to live your passion for martial arts, fitness and self-defence. This annual event attracts up to a hundred people every year; all practitioners of various martial arts such as Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Kung-Fu, MMA Fighting, Capoeira, Krav-Maga, and K.A.M.I. This course lasts just long enough for all practitioners to engage in an intensive study of K.A.M.I. as well as their individual interests in martial arts. Continue reading

The Importance of Self-Defence and What K.A.M.I. can Offer

Kami Krav Magen Training

If you struggle daily with lack of exercise, lack of self-control, lack of confidence in your skills and yourself, you might benefit from Krav-Magen. K.A.M.I.  stands for the Israeli Krav Magen Association, and is a system of martial arts that teaches students self-defence through their natural body movements. The technique is base on fast strikes, flexibility and the exploitation of the body’s natural weaknesses to defend against violence. A half of Krav-Magen is focused on teaching defense in everyday situations, while another coaches people in hand to hand combat in their lines of work and duty, whether armed or not. K.A.M.I, unlike other forms of martial arts, is defense and not offense based, meaning that it teaches all students, genders, ages and capabilities the basics of self-defence. Continue reading

K.A.M.I and Krav Maga – All you Need to Know

Children Seminar Krav Magen

K.A.M.I.  stands for the Israeli Krav Magen Association, which is a system of martial arts which has been adopted and popularized by the Israeli Army, Defence Force, Ministry of Education and Police. This system of self-defence if more widely known as Krav-Maga, and has been popularized throughout the world by practitioners of the influential system of martial arts. Nowadays, this system of self-defense can be found taught all over the world, with many benefitting from its use. Continue reading

New in Thornhill: Israeli Martial Arts – Krav Magen

Trainer Sergey Tech KAMI to Student

An exciting new opportunity has come to Thornhill with the introduction of Krav Magen classes. The Israeli mixed martial art is perfect for individuals of any age, any background and any physical condition. It is designed to give everyday people the skills to defend themselves in real life situations where they might be in danger. Even if you’ve never heard of it, you’ve probably seen it on television or in movies. If you’ve ever considered taking a self-defense course, come and check out Krav Magen. Continue reading

Self-defense Classes in Thornhill, Ontario

Women Show KAMI self Defense technique

If you’ve ever been the victim of an assault, you can likely recall the shock, fear and anger you felt. You may even still experience the anxiety of becoming a victim again in the future. Unless you’ve been trained how to handle those types of situations, your attacker or attackers will always have the upper hand. Regardless of age, gender or physical disability, you can learn how to defend yourself from any attack in the future with Krav Maga classes now being offered in Thornhill. Continue reading

Learn New Krav Maga Techniques in Thornhill

Children Seminar Krav Magen

If you’ve ever been interested in taking a self-defense course or perhaps learning a martial art, a new opportunity is now available in Thornhill. Krav Maga is a relatively new mixed martial art and self-defense method being taught all over the world. Students include men and women of all ages, children and even individuals with disabilities or other physical limitations. Krav Maga’s techniques can be learned and utilized by anyone. Continue reading