The Importance of Self-Defence and What K.A.M.I. can Offer

Kami Krav Magen Training

If you struggle daily with lack of exercise, lack of self-control, lack of confidence in your skills and yourself, you might benefit from Krav-Magen. K.A.M.I.  stands for the Israeli Krav Magen Association, and is a system of martial arts that teaches students self-defence through their natural body movements. The technique is base on fast strikes, flexibility and the exploitation of the body’s natural weaknesses to defend against violence. A half of Krav-Magen is focused on teaching defense in everyday situations, while another coaches people in hand to hand combat in their lines of work and duty, whether armed or not. K.A.M.I, unlike other forms of martial arts, is defense and not offense based, meaning that it teaches all students, genders, ages and capabilities the basics of self-defence.

Simple Self-Defence That Anyone Can Master

Children, women, elderly and frail students are always welcomed, and are capable of learning and benefitting from K.A.M.I. just as well as those in their prime. In fact, less strong individuals benefit from the confidence that K.A.M.I.  can provide even more, as Krav-Magen teaches you to feel at ease with yourself and among other people. For this reason, it is a great tool to help children avoid bullying, to build confidence in women afraid of violence, and to allow all people to feel better about themselves and their abilities, both physical and mental.

 Krav Maga Training – Thornhill

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K.A.M.I.  is unique in that it is a simple, universal martial art that is easily mastered, allowing for quick results. Due to its simplicity as a martial art, you will learn so much more than you’d expect from just one lesson. As you progress through the system of belts, you will find yourself learning more than merely moves, kicks, punches and holds. You will learn how to stay calm in stressful situations, how to restrain yourself and how to be confident in all portions of your life. K.A.M.I. lessons will allow you to shed anxiety, and feel at ease in work, school or home because you will understand that you are safe.

Benefits of K.A.M.I. and Krav Maga

The most important aspect of K.A.M.I. is that you will gain the appreciation for instinct, and will slowly gain the capacity to overpower the flight response of self-preservation instinct. As you block, hold and escape from an attacker, you can apply this response to portions of your daily life which inspire fear. The quick results of the martial art are seen in children faced with bullying and everyday anxiety, as well as individuals suffering from forms of hyperactivity and lack of confidence.

K.A.M.I. can be particularly beneficial for women, who are known to think that they are too weak for physical sports03 226x300 - The Importance of Self-Defence and What K.A.M.I. can Offer such as Krav-Maga and other martial arts. With the help of our instructors, you can learn to fully empower your body and develop the skills necessary for highly taxing sports and activities. Moreover, you will have the capacity to protect yourself from sexual, physical and domestic violence, should such an event ever occur. Our female students agree that the benefits of knowing you are capable of hurting another person who might harm you inspire confidence and a greater appreciation for your body’s capabilities.

Finally, K.A.M.I. is a great and unique tool for promoting physical health. With every lesson being physically taxing, you consistently build muscle mass and continuously add to your health on a daily basis. The physical benefits are consistent throughout all those who practice any form of the Krav-Maga martial art. You will feel more physically capable after just a few lessons, and you will have the mental confidence to support this feeling. So why hesitate? Drop in for a lesson at the only licensed Canadian K.A.M.I. practice today. Your first lesson is always free.

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Our practice has over 40 locations throughout Israel and the rest of the world but holds only one in Canada, located at 411 Confederation Pkwy Unit #12, Concord, ON L4K 0A8. Our instructor, Sergey Baskin, holds the highest rank in Israeli Krav-Magen and has been teaching for many years. Classes are held bi-weekly and offer you the capacity to learn self-defence, enhance your confidence, build muscle and stamina and above all, protects you from physical harm. Call Mr. Baskin today if you have any questions regarding K.A.M.I or the classes offered at 416-562-0670. For more information, see our website at