K.A.M.I: Annual Instructors Course in Israel

Krav Maga Instructors Course

For lovers of K.A.M.I. and all martial arts alike, the 3-week long annual instructor’s course in Israel is an opportunity to live your passion for martial arts, fitness and self-defence. This annual event attracts up to a hundred people every year; all practitioners of various martial arts such as Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Kung-Fu, MMA Fighting, Capoeira, Krav-Maga, and K.A.M.I. This course lasts just long enough for all practitioners to engage in an intensive study of K.A.M.I. as well as their individual interests in martial arts.

About K.A.M.I.

Kami krav magen 54 - K.A.M.I: Annual Instructors Course in IsraelK.A.M.I. is a technique based on the human body’s natural movements, excelling in being fast, simple and economical. The easy to learn techniques are thus perfect for physically weaker individuals as well as stronger ones, making it an excellent choice for all men, women, children or elders. Krav-Magen and K.A.M.I. self-defence coaching improves self-confidence and courage, and teaches all trainees how to achieve self-discipline in the face of adversity. K.A.M.I. trains numerous techniques such as various holds and grips, defence against an armed opponent, one on one combat and defensive positions. The most important portion of the technique, however, is the psychological capacity for calm and determination it brings. As an instructor the K.A.M.I. technique you are a part of an internationally recognized system that has been adopted by various institutions around the world, which allows students to learn the ability to feel safe in their bodies.

Become a certified K.A.M.I. instructor

This amazing opportunity is a means to become a certified K.A.M.I. instructor through official Israeli channels such as the Wingate Institute. The certification will allow your o take the K.A.M.I. practice all over the world, as this course attracts people from countries far and wide. Both a physically demanding and fun experience, the instructor’s course combines physical training with classroom study of method, anatomy, psychology and the K.A.M.I. basics. The academic learning portion will deepen our learning of human physiology, anatomy and psychology, and can be an intellectually stimulating and enlightening process.

The K.A.M.I. Association of Thornhill recommends this course for aspiring instructors and intense practitioners of K.A.M.I. Daily physical training will provide you with the necessary physical skills to teach the K.A.M.I. self-defence method, and the academic portion of this course will teach the above skills. The course is divided into two sections: morning academic study, and physical method training in the evening, all aided by official K.A.M.I. grandmasters licenced by the Wingate Institute of Israel.

More about the course

Furthermore, with participation in this course you are learning the original K.A.M.I. tradition, and not the diluted name that “Krav-Maga” has become. K.A.M.I. is backed by the original association of Krav-Magen in Israel and is the only system officially given certification by the Israeli school. Krav-Magen Canada teaches the original form of self-defence, passed down from the founder of K.A.M.I. and are the only reputable source of Krav-Maga education in Canada today. Our practise has over 40 locations throughout the world and is continuously spreading as more and more people realize the importance of this martial art form. Krav-Magen Canada is the only location in Canada which is licenced by the Wingate Institute. We are located at 411 Confederation Pkwy Unit #12, Concord, ON L4K 0A8. Our instructor, Sergey Baskin, holds the highest rank in Israeli Krav-Magen and has been teaching for many years. Classes are held bi-weekly and offer you the capacity to learn self-defence, enhance your confidence, build muscle and stamina and above all, protects you from physical harm. Call Mr. Baskin today if you have any questions regarding K.A.M.I or the classes offered at 416-562-0670. For more information, see our website.