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K.A.M.I KRAV MAGEN – Frequently Asked Questions

Krav-Maga is an Israeli fighting method which focuses on 2 parts. The first is a self-defense technique and the second is hand to hand combat. Visit our website for more information regarding how the Krav-Maga method works.
Yes, anyone can learn, regardless of your prior martial arts experience. You can start learning at any age. Due to Krav-Maga’s simplicity as a martial art, you can learn it simply by using the natural movements of your body. This makes it a martial art for anyone, even people with movement impediments or disabilities.
Simply give us a call or send us an email here. Your first 2 classes are always free.
The story of Krav-Maga dates back to the state of Israel and the founder, Imi Lichtenfeld, who came to Israel in the illegal ferries shuttles after WW2. Imi’s story is more incredible than you might think. His ship sank near the shores of Israel, and he was at sea for several days before being able to reach the shores of Israel on his own. Thanks to his perseverance and his will we are now left with the martial art that is Krav-Maga. For more information about the history of Krav-Maga, please read our history here.
K.A.M.I. is a direct lineage of the original Krav-Maga, and is supervised by the Wingate institute in Israel - http://www.wingate.org.il/. K.A.M.I is currently the tip of the spear in the world of Krav-Maga.
We train in a traditional K.A.M.I. uniform. However, if you don’t have a uniform you’re welcome to train in comfortable gym close or to purchase a uniform from one of our instructors.
Yes, your first 2 classes are always free. This is so that you can get an idea of our practice, and see whether you like it. Contact our instructor to schedule your first class.
Yes, we do. Contact our instructors to get your own personalized training program.
Very safe; our instructors are certified professionals with years of experience. Our classes are conducted with proper supervision and guidance.

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