K.A.M.I. Krav Maga Toronto offers a variety of programs that are open to the public. Our Krav Maga establishment aims to offer the highest quality K.A.M.I. training in North America, and aims to pass along the original K.A.M.I. teachings practised by the Wingate Institute in Israel. All of our trainers and coaches are qualified from the level of assistant instructor up to Expert in the specific martial arts, and all this is under the vigilant supervision of the Academic College at Wingate and the Ministry of Sport. We offer the following:

Group Training

If you’re uncomfortable with individual training, join into one of our gym’s group sessions. Drop in for a class Thursdays 8:00PM – 9:30PM or Sundays 7:00PM – 8:30PM. Registration is open, and your first 2 classes are free. Learn to defend yourself through K.A.M.I. with a group of people your own level, with whom you will train, practise and enjoy yourself.

Krav-Maga Classes for Children

Because anyone can learn K.A.M.I. children are able to learn alongside adults within our group classes. K.A.M.I. is for everyone, regardless of your prior martial arts experience. You can start learning at any age. Due to Krav-Maga’s simplicity as a martial art, you can learn it simply by using the natural movements of your body. This makes it a martial art for anyone, even people with movement impediments or disabilities.

Women’s Self Defense

We offer class components especially suitable for women’s self defense. Learn how to disarm an attacker, and feel safe in your body. Krav-Maga uses the natural movements of your body for defense and training. This method is excellent for women who encounter physical situations, or simply feel uncomfortable and unsafe. Learn how to feel safe, secure, and learn how to defend yourself against any harm.

Adult Self Defense Training

Learning a martial art is not just for children. K.A.M.I. Krav-Maga allows you to learn how to defend yourself, raises your confidence and gives you some much-needed exercise. Our programs are suitable for adults of all ages. Come in and discover for yourself what K.A.M.I. can do for you.

Corporate Self Defense Training and Events

Schedule a corporate training event for businesses, police units, firefighters, security and more. We offer group classes designed to provide the basics of self-defence, while providing an excellent team-building structure. Please contact us to learn more and to book your event.

Private One-On-One Self Defense Training

Receive personalized training from our head instructor. This option is perfect for people looking to quickly gain confidence in their abilities, raise their fitness levels and receive the best K.A.M.I. training available. Our trainer will help you quickly rise to and exceed your abilities, rise in the ranks of K.A.M.I. and learn how to defend yourself against bodily harm.

Formal Training for Krav Maga Instructors

If you have previous experience with K.A.M.I. you’re welcome to come in for special training to receive your instructor’s certificate, officiated by the K.A.M.I. Association of Israel. Please read our information about instructor’s courses for more information about how you can complete your formal instructor’s training for teaching purposes. All are welcome, provided they have attained the necessary ranks for participation.

For more information about our practise, the courses we offer and what we can do for you, please contact our head trainer Sergey Baskin at 416-562-0670. Otherwise, feel free to drop by for a lesson at 57 Glen Cameron Road, Thornhill, Ontario. Remember that your first 2 lessons are always free. Call us now!

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