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What is K.A.M.I?

Eli avikazar and avi avicidon - What is K.A.M.I?

on the right Eli Avikzar, on the left Avi Abeceedon

K.A.M.I. – Israeli Krav Magen Association, an Israeli Martial Art system that has been adopted by the Israeli Army, the IDF – Israel Defence Force, Ministry of Education, Police, “Na’amat” (Women’s organization), with Internationally recognized by specialists in the sphere.

The technique is mainly based on natural movements of the body and excels in being simple, fast and economical. The first part of the tactic – Self Defense, develops the flexibility to defend against violent attacks and is intended for men, women, youngsters or elderly. Whereas the second half – Krav Magen (Defensive Battle) is meant to coach folks who are forced to house hand-to-hand combat in their line of duty, whether armed or not.

Krav Magen self-defense coaching courses comprise of key components in planning the human psyche. They improve self-confidence and courage, teach trainees how to stay relaxed, self-disciplined and self-restrained for the rest of their life. When practicing K.A.M.I, the Freshmen learn the following techniques that embody numerous blows and kicks, defense strategies against all kinds of punches and kicks, how to interrupt free from various holds (strangulation, lock grips, etc.) and coping with an opponent armed with light weapons and fireplace arms. Furthermore, they’re trained in 0ne on one and multiple opponent combat styles.

The K.A.M.I. Foundation founded in 1989 by Eli Avikzar (RIP), who possesses a Red belt (Dan 10) and a Black belt (Dan 1) in Aikido and Judo. Also He was the first to receive a Black belt in Krav Maga. Eli Avikzar served as head of the Israeli Defense Force Krav Maga section for 12 years, throughout which he trained some eighty,000 male soldiers and a few 12,00zero female troopers.

Next to Eli Avikzars death in 2004, Avi Abeceedon was elected as the Head of KAMI. Avi Abeceedon possesses Red Belt (Dan 10), and was awarded the first Black Belt from the Founder himself.

“K.A.M.I. – For developing the qualities of body and soul.”
“K.A.M.I. – For obtaining self-confidence and self-defense ability in any scenario.”
“K.A.M.I. – A simple and economical combat technique.”
“K.A.M.I. – Is suitable for all ages. Simplicity: activating a straightforward natural movement creates a quick movement.”

A fast movement creates power. The use of a basic and snug movement makes it appropriate for every person, robust, weak, tall, short, fat, skinny, fast or disabled. The phrase “I can’t” will not exist. K.A.M.I. adapts itself to the altering state of the street and to immediate contemporary threats. K.A.M.I. renews and updates adds and revises exercises to seek out solutions to a changing atmosphere.  The exercises are short and practical, and all is permitted in an exceedingly self-defence move to save one’s life.

“Minimum movement against Maximum movement becomes minimum defense against most offense.”

K.A.M.I. Holds 40 clubs in Israel and some 3500 trainees from the age of 5 up to and as well as older adults, boys, women, men, and women whom among them are disabled individuals who realize their situation with K.A.M.I. Due to the simplicity of the moves and adjustment of exercises to their limitations. Most disabled trainees report an improvement in mobility and coordination. K.A.M.I. Trainees note that the strategy’s accumulating knowledge enlightens, deters violence and on top of all improves their personal safety and confidence.

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